Kids React to Animaniacs in Celebration of 25th Anniversary

In celebration of their 25th anniversary, take a trip down memory lane as a group of children review fan-favorite clips from the show’s entire cast of characters and share their thoughts. More below on the latest installment of FBE’s “React” video series.

Episode Highlights Include:
  • Half the kids surprisingly sang along to the theme song even though the show aired long before they were born.  
  • The kids were baffled to find out the Animaniacs are only seven years old, but found it funny that Wakko was crushing on an older, female nurse. 
  • Royel, age 12 loved the show and stated, “no cartoons now could be anything like this.” 
  • When asked if they thought it was an older show or something that came out more recently, the kids said it was older and pointed out the fact that there’s “less detail in the animation” and it was “a little fuzzy.”
  • Sydney is excited for the reboot because “nowadays there’s so many big things happening and [she] wants to see what the Animaniacs would do with their crazy ideas” in today’s world.