Tech Corp. – Out Tomorrow on Steam

Ottawa, Canada –September 4th, 2018 Independent studio Mardonpol Inc. is releasing their business tycoon Tech Corp. on Steam tomorrow. The game will be available on PC and it will cost $19.99.

Your goal in Tech Corp. is to build the greatest tech company in the world. Going through the history of technology from the early 90’s to present time, design, produce and market all kinds of devices as you meet consumer needs before your competitors.

"Tech Corp. gives you the opportunity to create the next big shot in the tech industry”, says Marco, developer at Mardonpol Inc. “We’re seeking to develop the ultimate tycoon game   for business geeks and techies alike”.

Tech Corp. includes features such as constructing your own office and factories, crafting a manufacturing system, and managing the full production of technological apparels.  You will also have to manage personnel and search for the best cost-effective resources.

  • Go through the history of technology since the early 90’s
  • Design your working premises
  • Fully produce technological devices
  • Develop cutting edge software
  • Manage human resources
  • Invest in research and development
  • Market your goods and keep ahead of your competition
About Mardonpol Inc.
Mardonpol Inc. is a one-man game development studio based in Ottawa, Canada.